Category: Bars & Cookies

Cookies are not my forte compared to cakes and pies. They don’t typically incorporate fresh ingredients, making them less exciting to me. Plus, I don’t love forming and baking individual pieces. All of that said, I know how useful it is to have several cookie recipes up one’s sleeve. They’re portable, giftable, and freezable, and there is never a party or gathering where cookies are not welcome. When I do make cookies, I gravitate toward those that are either a combination of buttery, tender, and crisp, like sablés, or chewy, butterscotchy, and brown sugary, like a classic chocolate chip. I try wherever possible to make the forming process unfussy, which means lots of slice-and-bake and bar cookies, and no complicated decorating. Every cookie here is on my short list, and, happily, one or two even include fruit.