Category: Layer Cakes & Fancy Desserts

Be advised: If you’re a beginner baker, this chapter probably isn’t the best starting point (may I suggest the Loaf Cakes and Single-Layer Cakes category, this page, as the better place to dip your toes in the cake-making waters?). Even though the recipes in this chapter require multiple components, most of the work lies in the architecture and assembly (I’m looking at you, croquembouche),while the components themselves remain relatively straightforward. The Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, for example, is my ideal chocolate cake: a construction of three tender layers separated by a silky, smooth frosting. And that’s it. I can get a little fancy at times, using an extra filling here and a bit of torched meringue there, but don’t expect elaborate decoration—when you have good cake and frosting, it just isn’t necessary.