Category: Pies & Tarts

Baking feels like an artistic practice to me, where the art just happens to be edible. Never do I experience this more than when I make a pie or tart. Rolling out the dough, lining a pie plate, folding and crimping an edge—all of these steps put me in a more meditative and creative frame of mind. Since every fruit pie or galette turns out unique, making one is a process of discovery. At the same time, it’s also a lot of work. Pies and tarts (almost) always have a crust and filling, requiring more prep and overall work than a cake or cookie. Be prepared to bake any of the recipes in this chapter in stages, starting by making and chilling the pastry, preparing the filling, and then assembling and baking. The ends definitely justify the means—and you might even find some delight in the process.